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Ayub Ogada - Kodhi - 2015


Ayub Ogada is one of Kenya's finest musicians, an intimate singer and exponent of the nyatiti lyre who has enjoyed an extraordinary career. In the 1980s he was busking on the London Underground. He subsequently caught the attention of Peter Gabriel's Real World, recorded the (considered a classic) album En Mana Kuoyo in 1993, and opened for Gabriel on his European tour.

He now resides back in Kenya, where he recorded this new album Kodhi (2015) with producer and guitarist Trevor Warren who, in 2012, moved in with a mobile crew to do the recording. Ogada likes to perform outdoors, and is accompanied by a small group who add guitars, bass and percussion (Dudley Phillips and Hossam Ramzy), along with the ambient sounds that are picked up on the recordings. A set that results in an exquisite relaxation with sections that sound like a happy rehearsal or a jam session, where his gently hypnotic voice stands out along with the solo riffs of his beloved lyre. A long-awaited effort that possesses the same transparent simplicity that made their previous record a staple of world music compilations since 1993.

01. Dero

02. I Para Ango Yawa

03. Kodhi

04. Otenga

05. Waritarita

06. Harmonic

07. Conversation

08. Funeral

09. Extreme

10. Traditional

11. A Prayer

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