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Judy Mowatt - Only A Woman - 1982 - Jamaica


Judy Mowatt is a renowned reggae singer. Mowatt's musical career began with the revival of The Gaylettes, a group that ended up becoming one of the island's benchmarks at the end of the 1960s. From this first stage, the songs Silent River Runs Deep, the band's first national success, Take a Chance On Me and numerous coppers by American soul and R&B bands such as Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield or Young Rascals, should be highlighted. The sudden departure of the other two members of The Gaylettes, Beryl Lawson and Merle Clemenson, left Judy in the lurch, while totally free to start, although not for long, her solo career. At this time she records numerous covers of American groups and two new hits under the pseudonym Julianne: In Paradise and The Gardener.

Two years later, in 1974, Judy teamed up with Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths to form the I-Threes. The group reaps very good reviews and Marley, who was looking for a replacement in the choirs of The Wailers after the departure of Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, adds them to his band to collaborate on his albums.

Her contact with the King of Reggae caused Mowatt to adopt the Rastafari doctrine and join the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As a result of this change, compositions such as Black Woman, Many Are Called and Slave Queen were born, which will form part of her second solo LP: Black Woman.

Highly recommended work by Judy Mowatt. Beautiful high register of voice and some gospel phrasing denote this download of experience and learning by Judy.


You're My People

Only A Woman

Trade Winds


Got To Leave The West

I Am Not Mechanical

On Your Mark

Big Woman

You Dont Care

King Of Kings 

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