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Merl Saunders - Blues from the Rainforest


This album has been a spiritual adventure", thus begins the explanatory text about "Blues from the rainforest" signed by Merl Saunders himself in the booklet, and there we also discover that the percussionist Muruga had a lot to do with the inspiration for the The most new age project of this black keyboard player, Saunders, born in California in 1934, made this album aware that he could do something to make people aware of the enormous crime that the devastation of the Amazon represents for the planet. Sting's charisma, he did have the right inspiration to carry out this project that he published on his own label, Sumertone Records, in 1990.

Another of the great achievements of the album was obtaining the collaboration of Jerry García, the former guitarist of the Grateful Dead, who died five years after the publication of this work.

1. Blues From The Rainforest    15:26

2. Sunrise Over Haleakala    7:22

3. Blue Hill Ocean Dance        13:04

4. Afro Pearl Blue        13:38

5. Dance Of The Fireflies       5:22

6. Sri Lanka                9:15 

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