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Ondatrópica - Ondatrópica - 2012


Ondatrópica (2012) is a project by the Colombian musician Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero) and the English producer Will "Quantic" Holland, bringing together top musicians who represent the old and new guard of Colombian music. In addition to cumbia, Ondatrópica appeals to the traditional flavors of joint, merengue, bagpipes and champeta, and combines them with funk, hip-hop and even electronic flights of dub.

After several years of working around Colombian tropical music, Mario Galeano and Will Quantic (with the support of the British Council) managed to make their project a reality: to reinterpret Colombia's tropical musical heritage with new approaches in composition, arrangements and production. To do this, at the beginning of 2012, in the legendary Discos Fuentes studio in Medellín (with more than 75 years of history) they called the members of their respective groups (Front Cumbiero and Combo Bárbaro). Fruko (soul and life of the Tesos) and Jorge Gaviria, Aníbal Velasquez, Pedro Ramayá, Alfredito Linares, Juancho Vargas, Michi Sarmiento, Markitos Mikolta, Wilson Viveros and Armando Hernández, joined young artists such as Nidia Góngora, Freddy Colorado, Eblis Álvarez, Anita Tijoux (known Chilean rapper), José Miguel Vega "El Profe", Carlos Puello "Chongo", Esteban Copete, Pedro Ojeda, Marco Fajardo, Wilfredo Peña and Fernando "Ovejo" Silva, in an unprecedented project in history of Colombian music, a return to the standards of sound and musical quality that for decades were among the most influential on the continent.

The exploration with these pioneering and visionary musicians of the 60s, 70s and 80s of the 20th century does not seek a nostalgic approach to their sound, the idea is to reaffirm its validity and contemporaneity. To do this, they approached the classic production standards by means of equipment and techniques typical of analog sound, using vintage consoles and microphones, and taking advantage of the experience of key figures in sound such as the legendary engineer and producer Mario Rincón, one of those responsible for of the best recordings of the 70s in the country.

The result: that the most forceful and relevant of Colombian music is here to be rediscovered.

01. Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón

02. Punkero Sonidero

03. I Ron Man

04. Suena

05. Locomotora Borracha

06. Remando

07. Linda Mañana

08. Ska Fuentes

09. 3 Reyes de La Terepia

10. Bomba Trópica

11. Descarga Trópica

12. Libya

13. Gaita Trópica

14. Curro Fuentes

15. Rap Maya

16. Dos Lucecitas

17. Cumbia Especial

18. Donde Suena el Bombo

19. Swing de Gillian

bonus downloads:

01. Traigan La Batea

02. El Caimán Y El Gallinazo

03. Mi Negra

04. Papi Shingaling

05. Mambo Loco Especial

06. La Tranca

07. Cien Años

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