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Teofilo Chantre - Mestissage - 2011


Metissage is the sixth studio album by Teófilo Chantré, one of Cape Verde's greatest composers and author of many of the hits of Cesária Évora, the diva with bare feet. The songs, almost all sung in French and Portuguese Creole, deviate from custom and go in search of a generous musical fusion.

It was on the album Miss Perfumado by Cesária Évora (an album released in 1992 that would establish her internationally) that the name of Teófilo Chantré, the first representative of the Cape Verdean saudade (sodade), appeared for the first time for the general public. A music that was halfway between bossa nova, morna, coladeira and bolero. In this way he created his own style and his solo recordings appeared: Terra & Cretcheu (1994), Di Alma (1997), Rodatempo (2000), Azulando (2004) and Viajá (2007).

On this sixth album, Chantré has opened up to new influences, once again showing us his skill at turning melancholy into song. His music is still rooted in languid coladeiras and bittersweet mornas -immersed in the sweet pain of nostalgia that is saudade-, but like other great Cape Verdean artists (including Mário Lúcio and Mayra Andrade), Teófilo Chantré this time he looks to Brazil, finding in French (Marc Estève is the author of several of the lyrics) a new way to express saudade. A jewel full of sophistication and Atlantic melancholy.

Tracks list:

01. Tu Verrais

02. Tout En Ce Monde

03. Alem Disso

04. Gongon

05. Oli´Me Ma Bô (con Bernard Lavilliers)

06. Entre-temps

07. Un Monde Honorable

08. Lua Desencantada

09. Galans De Noche

10. Alma Morna

11. Pai Pa Fidje

12. Firmamento De Nos Sodade

13. Au Restau De L´Exil

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