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Orishas - A lo cubano - 1999


The Cuban group Orishas mixes hip hop rhythms with traditional sounds from the Caribbean island. The three members of Orishas met in Paris and live throughout Europe (Roldán in Paris, Ruzzo in Milan and Yotuel in Madrid). Roldán González Rivero has been singing since he was 8 or 9 years old, he studied classical guitar and choral singing at the conservatory and has worked with several Cuban traditional music groups. In 1997 Roldán had the singing voice in the group Rico Son and Ruzzo (Hiram Riverí Medina) and Youtel "Guerrero" (Yotuel Omar Romero Manzanares) rapped together with Joel "El Pionero" Pando in "Amenaza", one of the pioneering bands of the Cuban hip hop scene.

After winning the Grand Prix with "Amenaza" at the 3rd Edition of the semi-clandestine Cuban Rap Festival, Ruzzo and Youtel wanted to do something else, but the group could not decide, so Ruzzo and Yotuel were joined by Liván, with extensive experience in the Franco-Cuban musical world. To complete the formation, guitarist Roldán joined them.

For a long year they were working in Paris, with the collaboration of rap producer Niko Noki. The result was an album entitled A lo Cubano, published in 1999, with excellent reviews in the press throughout Europe since it went on sale. This album became a gold record in France and Switzerland and was the first hip hop album to be certified platinum in Spain, exceeding 100,000 copies sold.

After some personal problems, Liván leaves the group in the middle of a tour of France. Shortly after, Orishas went on a triumphant tour of Cuba, where his success was tremendous.

Tracks list:

01. Intro

02. Represent (feat Niko Noki)

03. Atrevido

04. A Lo Cubano

05. Barrio

06. S.O.L.A.R.


08. Atención

09. Mística

10. Canto Para Elewa y Changó

11. Madre

12. Orishas Llegó (feat Niko Noki)

13. 537 C.U.B.A.

14. Connexión

15. Triunfo

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