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Youssou N´Dour - Rokku Mi Rokka - 2007


Rokku Mi Rokka (give and take) was the next studio album by Senegalese singer and songwriter Youssou N'Dour, after winning the Grammy, in 2005, for the album Egypt. The album, sung in Wolof (the majority language of Senegal), contains eleven new songs and five bonus tracks, with a vibrant African rhythmic pulse. The inspiration for the album comes from the sounds of the areas of Senegal that border Mali and Mauritania. In it you can also hear, in the words of the singer himself, "some reggae, blues and a bit of Cuba. In Africa we get excited when we hear these sounds because they are part of our cultural heritage."

Youssou has recorded the album with his touring band Le Super Etoile de Dakar, featuring Neneh Cherry, Malian musician Bassekou Kouyate and members of the Orchestra Baobab.

Tracks list:

01. 4-4-44

02. Pullo Àrdo (Le berger)

03. Sama Gàmmu (Mon rival)

04. Bàjjan

05. Baay Faal

06. Sportif

07. Tukki (Voyage)

08. Létt Ma (Irrésolution)

09. Dabbaax

10. Xel (Intelligence)

11. Wake Up (It's Africa Calling) (con Neneh Cherry)

Bonus tracks:

01. Boul Bayékou

02. Beugue Dou Bagne

03. Borom Gaal

04. Téléphone

05. Yonou Deugue

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