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Sibusile Xaba - Open Letter to Adoniah


A key player in the new generation of South African jazz musicians, KwaZulu-Natal-born guitarist and vocalist Sibusile Xaba has all the makings of a master acoustic guitar player. With a vocal style that is part dreamcaping and part ancient invocation, Xaba divines rather than simply sings. Combined with a guitar style that is rooted in expressive choice, Xaba's music breaks the boundaries of the genre, taking only the fundamentals of mentors like Madala Kunene and Dr. Philip Tabane and imbuing them with an improvisational mythology and intensity of their own.

'Open Letter to Adoniah' is a reverent album of life and its connection to a higher source. The music emanates from the dreams revealed to Xaba on consecutive days and most of the album was recorded live in the Magaliesberg mountains outside of Johannesburg in the winter of 2016.

Featuring percussionists Thabang Tabane and Dennis Moanganei Magagula, the trio blends geographical and spiritual influences, hinting at Maskandi (a style of music dominant in Xaba's native KwaZulu-Natal) and the improvisational culture of South Africa's jazz avant-garde. Collectively, the musicians reshape these influences, situating them within rhythms that span the African continent. Thabang Tabane's influence on the project gives it a spiritual sensibility allusive to Malombo's music that his father, the legendary Dr. Philip Tabane, originated in the early 1960s.

1. Open Letter to Adoniah 05:00

2. Wampona 05:29

3. Emazulwini 05:18

4. Sibongile : Tribute to the Mother (Reprise) 04:46

5. Nomaphupho 04:52

6. Angisenalutho 03:52

7. Nyandi Yeni (Interlude) 01:14

8. Swaziland 03:34

9. Liyabukwa 03:57

10. Inkululeko (Reprise) 07:38

Fuente: https://sibusilexaba.bandcamp.com/album/open-letter-to-adoniah

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